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To students: This is a list of Computer Science Department people who can supervise projects and theses, with interests and project ideas. Also see Research Project and Thesis. Valid from spring 2024: Intended Learning Outcomes for BSc and MSc theses.

To supervisors: Please edit your information to be valuable to students. The list of projects may be inline in this page or a link to a separate one.

Anna Rogers

Natural language processing: language models, interpretability, evaluation, machine reading comprehension, AI ethics

Email | Homepage | Project ideas | Twitter

Alessandro Bruni

Security, protocols, protocol analysis, formal verification, logics, ethical hacking, electronic voting, IoT

Projects page

Amelia Jiménez-Sánchez

Deep learning, medical imaging, health, curriculum learning, domain adaptation, federated learning, evaluation of AI.

Email | Website | Twitter

Andres Faina

Robotics, both software and hardware. Self-reconfigurable robotics, evolutionary robotics, liquid-handling robots, electronic and mechanical design (including automatic design), hardware and prototypes. A lot of projects combine software and hardware, but just software projects are also available.
Email and Homepage and List of project ideas (REAL lab).

Andrzej Wasowski

Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Bugs Finding and Fixing, Static Analysis and Testing, Open Source, Project, Linux Kernel, Robot Operating System, Probabilistic Programming, Data Privacy and Leakage
Email and Homepage and List of project ideas.

Bernardo Machado David

Cryptography, multiparty computation, blockchain.
Research interests: foundations (oblivious transfer/commitments), efficient multiparty computation, privacy preserving and scalable blockchain applications, privacy preserving machine learning.
Email, Homepage and Project Ideas

Carsten Schürmann

Information security; socio-technical systems, security analysis, IoT security, offensive security, forensics, program and protocol verification, standards and certification. Election security; cryptographic voting protocols, statistical methods in elections and risk-limiting audits, zero-knowledge proof checking, identity management. Digital democracy; models of electoral transparency, vote privacy and trust, computational social choice. Programming language theory, type theory, logic, formal methods; logical frameworks, substructural and modal logics, domain specific programming languages, concurrency, automated theorem proving, proof assistants, computational logic.

Christian Hardmeier

Natural language processing: Machine translation, multilingual NLP, bias and fairness in NLP, reference in language, discourse/text-level NLP.

Homepage and Project Ideas

Christian Sivertsen

Mixed reality, telepresence, experience design for museums, art, and culture.


Christian Østergaard Madsen

Public IT projects, digital governance, multichannel management, service design, action research, qualitative and quantitative studies, literature reviews

Christoph Seidl

Model-based/model-driven software engineering, software product lines (SPLs), language engineering/domain-specific languages (DSLs), software evolution/maintenance, reengineering/refactoring.

Claus Brabrand

Computing Education Research, Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation, Diversity/Gender Studies, Cognitive Competences (SOLO Taxonomy), Teaching/Learning Activities, Online Teaching/Learning Activities, Assessment, Learning Tools, Educational Experiments.

Dan Witzner Hansen

Image analysis, machine learning, eye tracking, Gaze interaction, sports analysis, Eye information, Privacy and security within Eye information.

Dovile Juodelyte

Deep learning, transfer learning, medical imaging. Currently only co-supervising with Veronika Cheplygina.

Email | Project ideas

Elda Paja

Requirements, software engineering, security.

Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou

Data Management, Spatial Data Analytics, Data Structures

Website| Project ideas | Email

Elisa Bassignana

Natural Language Processing: Information Extraction, Sentiment Analysis.

Email, Homepage

Fabricio Batista Narcizo

Eye tracking, computer vision, machine learning, web programming, and mobile app development.

NB: Since Fabricio is a part-time lecturer, you must ask for permission for him to supervise BSc and MSc projects.

Helge Pfeiffer

Software Engineering, Software Quality and Metrics, Technical Debt, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery/Deployment, Dependency Management, Reverse Engineering

Homepage and Project ideas

Jens Schmidt

Government IT. IT Projects. Software Engineering.

Jesper Bengtson

Programming languages, logic, verification.

Jørgen Staunstrup

Mobile apps (Android) and Concurrency

Kasper Støy

Robotics. Current topics: Affective robots, lab automation, and braid robotics.

Konstantinos Manikas

Software architecture, software development, software engineering, agile development/architecture, enterprise architecture & IT strategy.
NB: Since Konstantinos is a part-time lecturer, you must ask for permission for him to supervise BSc and MSc projects.
Email , homepage

Leon Derczynski

Very limited supervision availability. Data science, natural language processing.
Research interests: Fake news detection, Social media, Health analytics
Email, homepage, project list

Louise Barkhuus

Social science studies of technology, privacy, qualitative and quantitative methods, mobile social technologies, human-computer interfaces (HCI)


Louise Meier Carlsen

Computer science education

Luca Aiello

Computational Social Science, Data Science, Applied Machine Learning, Network Science.

Mail, Website, and Twitter, NERDS Student page

Mahsa Varshosaz

Software testing and verification, software product lines analysis, program repair, quantitative verification.
Email and Homepage

Marco Carbone

Security, Software as a Medical Device, Programming Languages, Concurrency, Distributed Systems, Formal Models

Current topics:

- Using Machine Learning to guess communication protocols in a distributed System
- Detect communication errors in robots - in collaboration with Andrzej Wasowski
- Privacy via Gradual Typing in Erlang - in collaboration with Alessandro Bruni

General topics:

- Risk Management (formal models or Software as a Medical Device) 
- Behavioural types in mainstream programming languages

Mail; WWW

Maria Astefanoaei

Spatial data analysis, timeseries data, large scale visualisations, machine learning, urban computing, graph algorithms, human mobility, embeddings

Mail, Website, Projects Ideas

Martin Aumüller

Algorithms, Algorithm Engineering, Algorithmic Privacy & Fairness.

Mail, Website, and Projects Ideas

Michael Szell

Not supervising until Fall 2025 (parental leave). Urban Data Science, Network Science, Bicycle Networks and Infrastructure, Human Mobility, Sustainable Urban Transport, Social Networks, Computational Social Science.

Email, Website, Project Ideas, NERDS Student page

Michele Coscia

Network Analysis, Social Networks, Data Mining, Human Mobility, Complex Systems, Economic Development, Memetics.

Email and Homepage and List of project ideas. NERDS Student page

Mircea Lungu

Software engineering, software evolution, big software data, software visualization, tools for software development and tools for augmenting learning.
Email and Homepage and Student Projects.

Natalie Schluter

Very limited supervision availability. Data science, natural language processing, algorithms and machine learning (especially for NLP).
Email and Homepage.

Nutan Limaye


Oksana Kulyk

Security, privacy, electronic voting, human factors, usability
Email and Homepage.

Paloma Thomé de Lima


Paolo Tell

Software engineering.

Patrick Bahr

Programming languages, compilers, type theory, formal verification, functional programming
Email and Homepage and Project ideas.

Payam Zahadat

Robotics software, swarm robotics, bioinspired computing.

Peter Sestoft

Programming languages, software development, functional programming, parallel programming, end-user programming, spreadsheet technology, compilers.
Email and Homepage and List of project ideas.

Pınar Tözün

Data systems, databases, data management on modern hardware, workload characterization, heterogeneous hardware. Email and Homepage and Project ideas for the data systems group.

Radu-Cristian Curticapean

Contact me if you're interested in a project in algorithms or theoretical computer science in general. I am also interested in exploring modern ways of teaching computer science.

Rasmus Ejlers Møgelberg

Programming languages, logic, semantics. Dependent types.

Raúl Pardo

Online privacy: privacy in data analytics, privacy in Internet of Things, privacy in social networks, enforcement of privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR); probabilistic programming; formal methods; Bayesian data analysis.

Homepage and Email

See also the list of project ideas in the SQUARE group.

Riko Jacob

Topics: (Parallel) Algorithms, complexity, sorting, experiments, differential privacy, combinatorial optimization

A project on algorithmic group formation with different thesis possibilities.

Write me an email and we will discuss the details of a bachelor-, master- or project-thesis.

Rob van der Goot

Natural Language Processing.

Email, Website, Potential projects,

Robert Bayer

Topics: TinyML, Resource-constrained hardware, ML on satellites, tinyML, edgeML.

Email, Website, Potential projects,

Roberta Sinatra

Very limited supervision availability. Social Networks, Network Science, Computational Social Science, Data Science, Complex Systems, Science of Science

Email, Website, Twitter, NERDS Student page

Rodrigo Moreno Garcia

Machine learning applied to control, design and optimization of robots, Modular Robots, Laboratory automation for chemistry and biotech, Evolutionary robotics.

Email, Website, Project ideas

Rosario Giustolisi


Email, Website, and List of project ideas

Rune Møller Jensen

Meta heuristics, constructive heuristics, mathematical programming, constraint programming, prediction, classification, forecasting, development of large-scale optimization algorithms like phase-decompositions and test driven design, decision support systems for stowage planning, uptake management, and capacity management in container and break-bulk liner shipping.
Email and Homepage and List of project ideas.

Sami Brandt

Image, video, and audio analysis; mathematical imaging; computer vision; machine learning; statistics.
Email and Homepage.

Sinisa Neskovic

Web Application Development, Web Architectures and Frameworks, Advanced Software Architectures.
NB: Since Sinisa is a part-time lecturer, you must ask for permission for him to supervise BSc and MSc projects.

Søren Debois

Very limited supervision availability. Security, distributed systems, blockchain, smart contracts, applications in large organisations, applications of traditional security techniques to compliance.

Stefan Heinrich

Neurocognition inspired Machine Learning and Machine Learning driven Cognitive Modelling, often on Problems in Natural Language Processing and Language Acquisition.

Email | Website | Suggestions for student projects

Stella Grasshof

Face models; 3D reconstruction; factorization models; Non-rigid structure from motion; 3D point correspondences; image registration; Image, video, and audio analysis; Image processing; computer vision; machine learning; spatial and temporal alignment; expression transfer; mental health; body motion analysis; Human motion
Email, Website, Studentprojects

Therese Graversen

Statistics (both mathematical statistics and applied statistics), Bayesian networks and graphical models, DNA forensics, Forensic science.

Thore Husfeldt

Algorithms. Relatively scaleable project ideas about algorithms visualisation, mainly BSc and MSc Softward Design.

Ties Robroek

Topics: Data Loading, (Data Management for) ML Benchmarking, Deep Learning on GPUs, Resource-aware Machine Learning

Email, Website, Potential projects,

Toine Bogers

Recommender systems, information retrieval, data science, computation HR, data mining. Email Website

Vedran Sekara

Data Science, Network Science, Computational Social Science, Data Mining, Social Networks, Complex Systems, Algorithmic Auditing, Data Representativeness, Bais & Fairness in ML and AI (+ occasional 'crazy projects')

Email, Website, Twitter, NERDS Student page

Veronika Cheplygina

Machine learning, pattern recognition, transfer learning, medical imaging, health, open science, evaluation of AI (fairness, carbon footprint), meta-research.

Email | Website | Project ideas |

Willard Rafnsson

Security, programming languages, program analysis, program verification, program transformation, program synthesis, testing, programming language theory, type theory, automated theorem proving, interactive theorem proving.
Homepage, Mail.

Yvonne Dittrich

Software engineering. Home page.

Zoi Kaoudi

Data systems, knowledge graphs, large-scale data analysis.