Mini-workshop on “Data Processing on Modern Computer Architectures”

Place: IT University of Copenhagen, room 2A20.

Time: Thursday May 14, 2009.

Organizer: Rasmus Pagh.


The workshop will bring together researchers interested in data management and algorithms for large data sets, with particular emphasis on how to harness the power of modern computing architectures. It will consist of a mix of presentations and group discussions. Speakers will include:


9.45-10.00 Coffee and pastries


          Rasmus Pagh: Compression techniques on modern processors
          Philippe Bonnet: uFLIP - Understanding Flash IO Patterns
          Rasmus Resen Amossen: Data distribution maximizing single-sitedness

11.45-12.30 Lunch buffet


          Peter Boncz: Cache-conscious query processing in MonetDB/X100
          Mikkel Thorup: Time-Outs with Time-Reversed Linear Probing

13.30-13.45 Coffee and cake


          Thomas Raneland: A First-order Logic View of Query Optimization
          Philip Bille: Fast Searching in Packed Strings
          Closing remarks.


Rasmus Resen Amossen, IT University of Copenhagen

Philip Bille, Technical University of Denmark

Nikolaj Blytsø, University of Southern Denmark

Peter Boncz, CWI, Netherlands

Philippe Bonnet, University of Copenhagen

Andrea Campagna, IT University of Copenhagen

Rolf Fagerberg, University of Southern Denmark

Inge Li Gørtz, Danish Technical University

Fritz Henglein, Copenhagen University

Thore Husfeldt, Lund and IT University of Copenhagen

Narendra Kumar, IIT Bombay and IT University of Copenhagen

Kumar Lav, IIT Bombay and IT University of Copenhagen

Rasmus Pagh, IT University of Copenhagen

Jesper Larsson, Apptus Technologies

Thomas Raneland, Apptus Technologies AB

Milan Ruzic, IT University of Copenhagen

Mikkel Thorup, AT&T Research, USA

Dinner (by invitation) at 18.00

Cofoco (map)

Abel Cathrines Gade 7

1654 København V

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