Since January 2012, as part of a larger re-organization, the Efficient Computation group no longer exists. Group members have joined the newly formed Algorithms and Software Development research groups

Efficient Computation

The Efficient Computation group at ITU conducts research and teaching in theory and practice of making software that makes efficient use of computing resources. We approach this from two different angles:

  • Algorithms and data structures. Our interests range from deep understanding of complexity questions to algorithm engineering issues in bridging the gap to efficient software.
  • Systems. Interests include sensor networks and data management, e.g. how to make the tools that scientists need to collect, manage and organize their data.

You can find out about other research at the IT University at

Group members



See our group blog.

Potential PhD student?

Read about possible projects here, read the call for applications here, and feel free to contact us to hear more about the possibilities. A strong background in systems or algorithms (including algorithmic aspects of a related area such as databases or mathematics) is required.

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